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The most important thing is quality

TMD is a company that has been providing services since 2001 throughout Europe, Central Asia and close Africa, specializing in pharmaceutical transport.
Among the competition, it stands out with the highest quality of its services and customer service at a global level - this is how cooperation with us looks like.

TMD: Witaj


Professionalism. Perfectionism. Punctuality.

From the very beginning, TMD has been known for high-quality customer service, great efficiency and full professionalism. No matter what service you are looking for, we guarantee that we will not only meet your expectations, but also receive added value and complete satisfaction.

The main goal of the company is to constantly improve the quality of its services.


Nothing is impossible for our team, which uses their knowledge and experience to give customers what they are looking for. Contact us to find out more about our team, our company or the details of our services.

Długa ekspozycja ruchu




The transport of pharmaceutical products is the most demanding group in terms of logistics procedures. It requires highly specialized knowledge in the field of transport, from the forwarder's knowledge already at the ordering stage, ending with high-quality transport services in appropriate conditions by the driver.

Therefore, only the most specialized companies with trained personnel, the most modern and reliable equipment, which has the necessary inspections and certificates, can participate in the supply chain.

Meeting the high requirements of the client, TMD Arkadiusz Dąbrowski ensures the highest standards using a fleet consisting only of reliable brands and not older than 4 years.



The specificity of each food product defines its storage requirements, which is why each vehicle is equipped with a specialized unit from a reputable Thermo-King company that constantly monitors the required temperature during transport, necessary to maintain the freshness of the transported products.

from -25 ° C to + 25 ° C.

Additionally, the vehicles are equipped with a bulkhead wall and a second Thermo-King unit, which enables the transport of products requiring two different temperatures in the cargo space.




The category of high-value products includes, among others: high-tech equipment, including electronics, luxury goods, custom-designed and created goods, and goods of cultural value. The resettlement property has a special value, although it may not formally display such value.

The task of our company is not only to properly secure the product, but above all to ensure safety in the transport and delivery process, including minimizing the risk of theft. The transport of high value goods also requires a correspondingly high security. TMD has Carrier Liability Insurance in the amount of $ 500,000.

In order to ensure the best protection of each cargo, all our vehicles are equipped with a number of state-of-the-art solutions ensuring the transport of goods in appropriate conditions and minimizing the risk of theft.

24h GPS monitoring - alarm of unauthorized opening of the door and deviations from the set temperature of the unit , double security of the locks , alarm in the event of departure outside the route corridor designated by the forwarder, all this makes the customer trust us and are aware of the high quality of transport and safety of his goods .


Our fleet


Cold store, BI-TEMP -25 ° C / + 25 ° C

EURO VI certificate

Payload: 12 880 kg

Pallets: 21

Dimensions (cm): 850x246x255




All our vehicles are equipped with the most modern tools and systems ensuring the highest quality of our services.


GPS locator

GPS trackers monitor the position of vehicles and the temperature in the cargo space 24/7



The vehicles are equipped with a loading elevator, pallet truck, and ADR equipment for the transport of dangerous goods

agregat jpg.jpg


Each of our vehicles is equipped with reliable THERMO KING refrigeration units


SBS security

Effectively blocks swing doors.
The SBS BDL blockade is SCM / VBV certified and recommended by TAPA TSR.


Gory Warszawskie 41, Duchnów

05-462 Wiazowna

e-mail: transport @

(+48) 22 615 45 50

(+48) 22 713 87 87

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